TurboTax Basic 2018 Review!

TurboTax Basic Coupon 2018

Unlike other income tax software, TurboTax follows an interactive way of filing taxes. Their intuitive interface makes the process less awful. And, you will not feel that usual indifference you always had. Here in this article, I am going to review the basic edition and give you TurboTax Basic coupon 2018 as well.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

TurboTax is the first software to offer options for both federal and state taxes for free. If you think it isn’t quite popular, you must know that five million people used their software to file taxes last year in the United States.

The mobile-friendly platform is a pleasure to use. During the process, it will ask you some less-boring questions. 😛 Based on the answer you give, you can see it filing the income tax returns. Intuit aims to make tax filing a semi-automated process not to make people scared of the process.

TurboTax works not for the sake of filing, but for the sake of getting you maximum refunds. Whenever it finds a scope for you to have maximum deductions (charity, for example), you will see a notification on the interface. 😀

TurboTax Basic Coupon

TurboTax Basic 2018 Price

You weren’t waiting for the free version, were you? Yeah, TurboTax is paid software. I hope you won’t mind spending a few bucks on a tool that has the potential to save a lot of taxes.

There are different versions of TurboTax. Here I will give you an overview of the features of all versions along with TurboTax Basic 2018 price.

The very first version is Basic (barring the free version with limited features). It has the capability to pull out the tax filing information from the previous year. The astonishing fact is that TurboTax is compatible with other tax software too. 😀 The Basic version includes five federal files. You won’t have to pay anything extra to get those. You can save your time by importing W-2 forms and other financial data from QuickBooks and Quicken. TurboTax Basic price is $29.99. 😀

The second plan is TurboTax Deluxe. Along with all the features of the Basic version, you get a State tax e-file. On each addition, it checks for 350+ deductions to get you maximum refunds. Audit Risk Meter is a specific feature available on the Deluxe version that alerts you when it detects the chance of having an audit. Know more about TurboTax Deluxe review here.

The TurboTax Premier plan suits the best for those who are into investments like stocks and mutual funds. You get free phone calls from tax experts with this package. The software analyzes the tax filing and plans for saving maximum taxes in the next year.

The next version of TurboTax is Home & Business. If you are self-employed, or you have got employees, you must purchase this plan. Along with the features of other versions, this one creates 1099 and W-2 forms for your employees. 🙂 And last but not the least is TurboTax Business 2018.

Why to Use TurboTax Basic Coupon & What’s the Overall Discount?

I have already told you TurboTax Basic 2018 price. You have to pay about $29 to get your hands on it.

Are you not in a position to spend that much? I don’t think so, really! Can’t you pay only $29 for something that will save a lot of your money? Whatever your mindset is, I have got a TurboTax 201 8Basic coupon. You can’t get it for free, though!

How much are you saving with my TurboTax Basic coupon 2018?

The regular price already is very less. And imagine the price you will pay even after applying the coupon. I am not going to bust the surprise. You can see the discounted price during the checking out process.

No, unlike other sites offering fake TurboTax Basic coupon 2018, this one is genuine. You won’t have to do anything special. Just hit the button given below as the coupon is attached to the link.

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TurboTax 2018 Basic Review

Here I am going to share a very brief TurboTax Basic review. If you are no rich person that you only want a simple help in filing your income tax returns, you must purchase this one.

TurboTax Basic is the cheapest of all other versions of the same software. As I have said earlier, you will get the ability to pull out the tax payment history from other software to save your time.

TurboTax also offers a cloud-space of limited size to store your documents in a position to retrieve it whenever you need.

If you want an in-depth help in filing income tax, you must go for an advanced version of TurboTax.

Why TurboTax Basic?

As the name suggests, TurboTax 2018 Basic is the lowest version. You get a few features.

If you are not into self-employment, investment and property rental activity, the Basic version is enough for you to file your income tax returns. 😀

You have to pay only $29 to get your hands on the software. Moreover, our exclusive TurboTax 2018 Basic coupon helps you reduce the price even to a less amount.


What are you waiting for now?

TurboTax 2018 is undeniably the best tax software available today. As I said earlier, you can go for the Basic version if you don’t want any specific schedule support.

I am sure that you don’t want to go through the hectic and tedious steps of tax filing, do you? You can use my exclusive TurboTax Basic coupon to get a price reduction.

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